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STOMPGRIP Snowboard Traction Pads provide the ultimate traction needed for performing in winter environments.


These Traction Pads will assist you while skating through the flats and exiting the chairlift, to prevent you from falling on your butt.


STOMPGRIP Snowboard Traction Pads additionally aide in clearing the snow & ice from your boots before you strap in for a solid connection to your equipment.


And for our seasoned athletes Snowboard Traction Pads make it easy to stomp those one-footed landings & tricks.


From true performance products like the Pro Series to our youthful inspired Critter Seires we’ve got your traction needs covered.


Don’t forget to check out all the other series available, like the no nonsense get the job done Stock Series, to our Artist Series for the discerning rider, and finally our iconic 3-D Series designed to handle the task of traction in style.


STOMPGRIP in addition has a limited supply of  our Tech Series available on-line only, get em while they last.


Save your expensive bindings for holding onto your boots not cleaning them.


Our Ski Traction products provide the ultimate surface for clearing snow & ice from your boots before you click-in with our Mini Ovals and Mini Maxis.


Stompgrip Grab Rails offer up a double dose of performance. Use these Grab Rails to clear snow from your boots then get ready to tweak your airs to the fullest with a solid grip.