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LIMITED WARRANTY: STOMPGRIP, Inc. warrants that its products shall be free from defects in material and/or manufacture at time of purchase from STOMPGRIP, Inc. or an authorized reseller for eighteen (18) monthsfrom the date of manufacture. STOMPGRIP, Inc.’s sole obligation and Buyers sole remedy under this warranty will be, at the option of STOMPGRIP, Inc., to either repair, replace or refund the purchase price for any defective products.




  • Buying old products out of the warranty period and/or from discount websites, Amazon, or eBay. If you purchase from a website you need to contact that website for a refund. We recommend buying from reputable industry online or brick and mortar dealers or directly from


  • Stompgrip does not recommend attempting to remove and reinstall its products; they are not designed for this purpose. Stompgrip’s products are designed to have a firm grip and stay on each vehicle or board until they are removed at the rider’s discretion. A product designed to give riders improved traction and control should not be able to be removed and reused.


  • Installing a product upside down or backwards, not following installation instructions, or making an installation mistake.


  • Worn down or used products. The shelf life and the product life are two different lifecycles that need to be differentiated when using Stompgrip products. The product life of Stompgrip’s tank grips and stomp pads ultimately depends on how a person rides. If the products are installed prior to the end of the warranty period (i.e. the shelf life), the products should install and function properly. How long each product lasts, or the product lifecycle, depends on how aggressive each rider is in their riding style and how quickly the products wear down from the degree of usage. So, no, a worn-down product or a product used for years is not covered under Stompgrip’s warranty.




For any retail customer product return requests, please contact Stompgrip directly at 1-888-612-5240 or email Customer Service at Returns will only be accepted under the following conditions:


  • Stompgrip Customer Service has approved the return and issued a Return Authorization #.
  • Your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.
  • Your item must be in the original packaging.
  • Your item must not be out of the warranty period.
  • Your item must have a receipt or proof of purchase from an authorized dealer.




Distributors and Dealers, please note, all sales are final unless there is a Warranty claim submitted and accepted by Stompgrip that falls under and is covered by the Limited Warranty. Because a majority of Stompgrip’s products are customized and/or perishable, meaning they have a shelf life, the company cannot accept returns other than those covered under its Warranty.